Roanoke Virginia Holiday Inn Hotel

Allen's Roanoke Country Club is a one-bedroom, 2-bath, 1,500-square-foot hotel in Roanoke, Virginia. Save 70% compared to the average price of a comparable hotel in the same area of the Country Club. European Country Clubs and buildings, as well as a restaurant, bar and full service hair salon. Roa - Allen's is considered one of the most prestigious golf courses in Virginia, with a reputation as a premier golf course, the oldest golf club in the country, and the largest private golf resort in Virginia. It also serves as one of Virginia's premier wedding venues.

The flagship location is just minutes from the sea and is a must - visit attraction for visitors. The entire building (s) can be rented to share function rooms and private rooms, as well as to organize private events and events.

If you are traveling to Roanoke, Virginia for business or pleasure, you can play a round of golf at the hotel. For $45, guests have access to some of the best Blue Ridge golf courses, including the Hidden Valley Golf Course and North Carolina State Golf Club.

Members have access to A - designed Roanoke Country Club, a 27-hole golf course designed by one of the world's best golfers and golf courses in the Blue Ridge Mountains. North Carolina has the most challenging, challenging and challenging courses of any golf club in North America and has a variety of courses, from par 3 to 18 holes, with a total of 36 holes. For members: For $45, guests can play golf at the Hidden Valley Golf Course, the first of its kind, which features three holes, four greens and two - in - a - side holes in a beautiful green.

It has three holes, four greens and two - in - a - side holes in a beautiful green, with a total of 36 holes. It has a variety of courses, from par-3 to 18 holes and three greens and four greens to green holes with two greens.

Roanoke Country Club offers a comprehensive overview of its golf courses, from par-3 to 18 holes, from three greens to two greens and four greens.

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More About Roanoke

More About Roanoke