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The city of Salem recently held its annual Salem Family Day in Roanoke County, Virginia. This free, family-friendly event filled downtown Roonoke with food, music, crafts and fun for all ages and abilities. There you can enjoy a wide range of food and drinks, as well as fun activities for children.

In the Healthy Earth Gallery, children can create mountains and tornadoes, interact with butterflies from around the world in the Hidden Garden, explore the forest, build and invent in the Maker Gallery, and perform in the theater. Children can build, invent and become part of the Roanoke County Museum of Natural History's Children's Museum and Art Gallery.

You can find a job to support you and your family, you can't go bankrupt if you get sick, and you can find a house to make your own. Spend time with your loved ones, or maybe we can occasionally do a little vacation as a family.

Get lost in a corn maze, visit farm animals, try the slides, play in the barn yard or visit Jeter's Farm for a day of fun and games with the kids and their friends.

We'll keep you posted on all the great family activities in Roanoke, VA, Virginia and Blue Ridge. We also suggest accommodations in the area, such as the Virginia Tech campus, the University of Virginia Medical Center and other hotels. Follow Fun on Facebook and Twitter to visit other places and do activities in and around the Northern Virginia / Washington, DC area. Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, South Carolina and the surrounding Blue Mountain region and beyond.

The service we render to our brave veterans when they come home is not only for us, but for them as well.

The last time I came to this part of Virginia, it was political writers who were like this: 'You're not serious, you're just making a tactical move. I just want to point out that you have a great governor of the Commonwealth of Virginia, our great senator Tim Kaine.

The reason I am calling on Congress to act now is that if they do nothing, taxes will rise by an average of $1,600 this year. I think it would be good to use the time in Congress to make sure that taxes don't go down. If you didn't know Virginia, I'm sorry Virginia - you know, we think we need to make better use of our time.

Let us take that money and rebuild our roads, bridges and rail systems, let us build wireless networks in our rural communities so that everyone can tap into the global market. Our goal is not only to get people back to work - that is priority number one - but to build an economy where work pays. The point is that we succeed when we succeed because we do things together.

Together we rise and fall and rise together as a nation, as a people, and the reason I am running for president is because I still believe in that idea. We got together in the last campaign, not just Democrats and Republicans, but independents. And while we're not Democrats or Republicans first, I'm Americans first - and now it's about how we pay back our debt and deficit.

This theme goes back to our first campaign speech, in which we did everything we could to help working people - how can we help them to succeed? It's about the future of our country and where we're taking it now, not just in terms of the economy but also in terms of our health care system.

As the organizers of Roanoke events know, when families benefit, the community, whether children, animals or the environment, benefits. For example, there is a Touch the Truck event I went to and the connections that connect us all are there.

The reason I am here tonight is that no matter how petty and small politics sometimes seem, we need to realise that this is not about anything bigger. If the future of the city of Roanoke is not only at stake, but the health and well-being of our children and the environment in general, it is even greater today than it was in 2008, though it could not have been greater!

Without any connection to any umbrella organization, spontaneous Touch the Truck events continue to pop up across America. The passion these trucks share is like a whiff of warp woven into the fabric of our culture, as the fact that these events keep popping up - all over America and with the same name proves.

The real fondness that children have for these trucks is one of them, and the number of visitors they attract is fantastic, but Touch the Truck events are just that - free for all. I'm in Roanoke, Virginia, where a Touch A Truck event has been held twice in recent years. Two of the Touch a Truck events were organized to give something back to the community in which they took place.

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