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Roanoke, Virginia is one of my absolute favorite places in the United States of America, mainly because of its beautiful scenery. Nestled in the foothills of the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains, Roanokes is home to the largest and most popular tourist attraction in the world, the Virginia Museum of Natural History.

In fact, Virginia and the Blue Ridge have some of the most scenic back roads in North America to explore, and even better, there is a wide variety of hiking, biking and walking trails. After the jump, a list of the most popular hiking, biking and canoeing trails follows. Explore Park offers rolling hills, scenic views and a wide range of hiking, biking and canoeing trails. The surrounding Blue Ridge region of Virginia, from Virginia Beach, Va., up to the Virginia-North Carolina border, includes excellent hiking / biking / canoeing trails, as well as a number of scenic parks and trails in the area.

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If you have someone in your family who has traveled by train, plane or car, the Virginia Museum of Transportation is a great place to spend a few hours learning about the history of transportation in Virginia. Located near 303 Norfolk Avenue SW, it is one of the great places to stay on the radar if you want to learn more about traffic innovations for all ages. If you have little time, this should be the first in a long list of activities in Roanoke, Virginia. For local food that will inspire you, you can choose from one or all of our Roenoke Food Tours.

The center houses a number of small museums, including the Virginia Museum of Transportation, the Virginia Historical Society and the Virginia History Center, as well as a variety of other exhibits.

Live performing arts organizations in Roanoke, including the Virginia Symphony Orchestra, American Ballet Theatre and New York City Opera.

Even if you don't see the shows, you'll find plenty to love about Roanoke, the largest city in Virginia and one of the most beautiful cities in the country. Whether you want to stroll through the perfect mountain town, walk in the footsteps of nature or take a fantastic scenic drive, we have plenty to do. When you come to Roansburg, Va., you will not only find beautiful views and rich history, but also great free things to do. If you are travelling with your whole family or visiting them, you can take advantage of all the great free activities in and around the city.

Along the Parkway there are several access points into the valley, including the intersection of Roanoke Star and Mill Mountain. There are many opportunities to enjoy the scenic views of the mountain valley and the mountains above, including the beautiful mountain views from the top of Mill Mountain, the Blue Ridge Parkway and even the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Mill Mountain also has a mountain bike trail that connects to the asphalt Roansburg Valley Greenway, as well as a network of hiking, biking and skiing trails.

The Greenways also serve as a historic tour of the Roanoke Valley, with many of them taking in some of the most historic and charming neighborhoods in Roansburg.

Popular greenways include the Mill Mountain Star Trail and Roanoke Valley Greenway, as well as the Blue Ridge Greenways. At night, the stars on Mühlenberg are illuminated and can be seen from the artificially illuminated star overlooking Roansburg. The view offers spectacular views of the Roa River Valley and the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains. The route to the Mühlensternweg can be reached on foot, by bike or even by car, with a short walk on the green meadow and a stop at the viewing platform.

This trail offers an experience of your own mountain playground and is to be explored in Virginia's Blue Ridge. Carvin Cove offers views of the Roanoke River Valley and the surrounding Blue First Mountains. With its 1.80 metre high metal star, it is an entertaining destination for all ages, from children to adults.

Virginia's Blue Ridge continues to transform into an emerging center of art and culture, and a great place to get a taste of the arts is downtown Roanoke. From the bustling and charming town of Roenoke in Virginia to the classic cities of Virginia, there is so much to discover and explore. When you visit Roaoke and visit, you will discover the whole family - friendly things to do in Roaoke and more.

The largest city in the Roanoke Plain is Roenoke, Virginia, home to more than 1.5 million people and is an icon of the Blue Ridge in Virginia. Roaoke is practically surrounded by the blue ridges and Allegheny Mountains and shares the same history as the other major cities in the region, such as Richmond, Charlottesville and Richmond. There are a large number of small towns and cities in this area, but the largest of them is the part of the Roonoke region in Virginia and is the symbol of the Virginia Blue Ridge.

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More About Roanoke