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We are looking for a marketing intern to help us develop our marketing plan for the first half of the 2016-2017 school year at Roanoke College.

The Office of Personnel Management and the City of Roanoke will receive candidates for vacancies. When a position in the sheriff's office becomes vacant, a request is prepared and submitted to the Human Resources Management Office, indicating the position to be filled from the current list of eligible applicants.

The deputy sheriff will interview applicants who have successfully completed the testing process and background check. After completing the written and physical tests, the Office of Personnel Management will evaluate the tests and forward the information to the sheriff's authorized agent. After the investigation into the back and forth of the ground is complete and the employment of a conditional officer is completed, he will submit a written evaluation report to the sheriff.

If you would like to attach a request, please contact for more information and write to (804) 855-5555 or resume @ chiprv. org.

We are currently looking for experienced and new technicians for the personnel at the Roanoke VA site. Applicants must provide all the necessary documents and a personal history questionnaire and fingerprint before the background check begins. If an applicant fails the writing and physical agility tests, he will drop out of the current application process and will not need to be re-tested by the next scheduled exam date. Once the position is filled, applicants on the eligibility list will be considered active for all future vacancies at the sheriff's office.

If you have experience with general service, you should consider having had experience with plastic, ENT, eye or oral surgery and / or having experience with the VA Medical Center in Roanoke, VA Health Care System. If you have experience in public service, you will be considered for the position of Chief of Staff in the Virginia Department of Health and Human Services.

This position is an unpaid 5-month internship that can be used for school loans if it is available through the school. This position requires experience with families living in poverty and working in a joint team with a case manager. Candidates will have the opportunity to engage and impart a wide range of clinical skills, such as case management, patient care and patient education. Candidates will get a full-time job at VA Medical Center in Roanoke, VA Health Care System. There is a strong belief that nurses who become doctors make the world a better place.

The position requires 0-3 years of experience, preferably in a medical environment, and the physical requirements described here are representative of what needs to be met. PHYSICAL DEMAND: They receive referrals to inpatient rehabilitation programs from community hospitals. Patients include patients with a history of traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and / or neurosurgery. These patients are mostly referred to trauma and neurosurgery, and most are craniotomised. Over 40% of Carilion IPR admissions are made at VA Medical Center in Roanoke, VA Health Care System, and we make over 40 admissions to our community hospital each year.

If you have a physical or mental disability that requires special accommodations, please let us know by e-mail to accommodationrequest @ If you are harassed in any way, have questions, or believe that your employment rights have been violated, you are encouraged to contact your state's EWiOC or Equal Employment Opportunity Commission or the Civil Rights Division of the U.S. Department of Labor.

The purpose of the interview is to collect personal information about the applicant that will be used for a background check. Background checks include, but are not limited to, checking school records, interviewing law enforcement officials and background checks of applicants. Interviews are intended to help the sheriff determine the validity of a applicant's criminal record, criminal record, background, employment history and other information.

Candidates must pass a physical examination that indicates that they are physically fit and able to be eligible for the office of Deputy Sheriff. The purpose of this audit is to determine the applicant's ability to be considered capable of performing the essential functions of a deputy sheriff. Candidates must take a written and physical skill test, which they must pass successfully. All applicants hired as deputy sheriff must complete training as required by state law and as required by the sheriff and DCJS.

The university accepts qualified people with disabilities if they are not able to safely perform the essential functions of the position. Any person employed at Virginia Western Community College who does not comply with these guidelines will be subject to disciplinary action.

We are looking for a registered nurse to build relationships with families, build their strength and make meaningful changes. Become part of an interdisciplinary team that offers families and communities a bright future through a unique home visit program that serves children and adults with developmental disabilities and their families. Home visits to the RN will ensure continuous health monitoring to ensure healthy outcomes.